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MIONIX AVIOR 8200 review:

what I like:
very good build quality
good software
many buttons on top
shape of buttons

I do not like:
high price
weight distribution
side shape

Let me start saying I am not paid to write these lines - I bought this mouse - being a lefty there are not that many options. (Steelseries Sensai too heavy, RAW, Kone, Deathadder too heavy..., diamondback, habu, )

Who am I?
I am a fingertip player (lenght of my hand is from middle finger top to beginning of wrist 20cm),
High sensi (360° turn takes 13cm)
playing since CounterStrike 0.7 (since 1999) and tried/bought a lot gaming mice in my life.

Detailed explanation of my experience:

+very good build quality: there is no room when clicking the mousebutton - you push the button it clicks- no button bend down without clicking. very

+good software: compared to razer and steelseries, mionix software is FAST, doesnt crash, lets you define macros (like the others) even alt-tab where Steelseries had problems. (however steelseries lets you execute an .exe and have it used on a button - not bad either.)

+many buttons: you have 3 easily accessible programmable buttons on the top of the mouse.

+shape of 2 main buttons is curved (light U-shape) so you do not slip off the mouse side-ways (happend to me with Kinzu (!) - mouse is too small for me)


-high price: 80+ Euro is a lot of money for a mouse

-shape: as a fingertip player you do not choke/palm the mouse - I move my mouse with 2 fingers; thumb & ring-finger on the sides. So thumb and ring finger needs a good hold/grip. The sides are slippery (I have very dry clean fingers) so I use steelseries grip pads attached to the sides to even this out. (also doing this on most other mice) without them - unusable mouse. with them a good feeling (not VERY good but good)

-weight distribution: the weight is, compared to the steelseries raw or diablo3 (sensai is too heavy) a bit less centralized, but spread out - that makes you want to grip with thumb&ringfinger rather in the middle of front and back - and not too way in the front (=close to index fingers), so you do not have a "heavy tail" effect. So this is better/no problem, if you palm the whole mouse.

- without the Steelseries grip pads my ring finger touches a side button - with the pads I have a enough grip so I have to touch it only with my tips - and not touch the side button.

You might say - "ok what about the sensor?" - "acceleration"? 1. it can be turned off via software (at least it says so) and paint did not show any abnomalies when drawing lines. My aim high sens - is as bad as with other mice.
Acceleration - yes - if you 180° in CS:GO back and forth - guess what 5-10° difference when doing it slow! Fast even more

Overall an ok mouse. (7/10)
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