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Hello, I have internet from UPC(Romania - Fiber Power 150) running through my Technicolor TC7200U Gateway via coaxial. This device is horrible, LAN hiccups, wireless is barely working(my tablet literally half a meter away from it barely loads pages). I've set up an old pc as a replacement router, it's an AMD-K7 Athlon at 900 Mhz running on an Asus K7M-RM 1.03 with 512 megs of ram. Problem is the connection type, it's coaxial and I don't have any way to plug that into that motherboard. The Tehnicolor thingy won't(as far as I know) allow me to enable DHCP to get it to work as some sort of coaxial-to-utp adaptor. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Can't switch provider as I still have ~1 year on the contract. Any advice would help, thanks.
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