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For Sale:
FS/FT - MSI GTX 670 PE - WTB 7970 ~$250

Will Ship To: US50

I'm looking for an AMD chip with decent overclocking headroom. I will be using it to fold 24/7 for my team in TC. I bought both of these cards within the last week. They are great cards, just not what I need right now.

The MSI GTX 670 PE has been BIOS modified to run 1280MHz Boost and 1750MHz memory with 1.21v. I can always put the stock BIOS back on if you prefer.

The XFX 7970 is a dual dissipation model but is voltage locked. I had it overclocked to 1100MHz for the brief time I've used it. SOLD

I do have original packaging for both GPUs.

I'd like $205 shipped in the US for the 670. I would also trade it along with some cash if need be for a decent 7970. And if you're looking to sell a nice 7970 let me know. Otherwise I will just be waiting for some new R9 290s to come out with better cooling. Thanks for looking.
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