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Here are my settings with an MSI twinfrozr 560ti OC card

i7 3820 OC 4.625GHZ
x79 Falal1ty Pro
16gb Ripjaws @ 1600
SeaSonic X850
Samsung EVO 120gb SSD sata3
WD Cav Black 2tb 64mb sata3
MSI TwinFrozer GTX560ti OC 955/2250

Resolution = 1280x720
Graphics quality = CUSTOM
Texture Quality = HIGH
Texture Filtering = HIGH
Lighting Quality = HIGH
Effects Quality = HIGH
Post Process Quality = MEDIUM
Mesh Quality = HIGH
Terrain Quality = HIGH
Terrain Decoration = HIGH
AntiAliasing Deferred = OFF
AntiAliasing Post = MEDIUM
Ambient Occlusion = MEDIUM

Threaded Optimization = ON
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration= SINGLE DISPLAY PERFORMANCE MODE
rest of my settings are global default

Task Manager Priority BF4.EXE = HIGH
!!!! This made a bigger impact than I expected or have experienced doing in other games !!!
May have to do with the game not being %100 optimized yet

GTX560ti OC Settings
Core Clock = 955MHZ
Shader Clock = 1910MHZ
Memory Clock= 2250MHZ
Voltage = Default (LOCKED)
Forced Voltage (in settings menu)

Memory usage ranges between 712MB-935MB Peak is 983MB
No Framerate Data yet msi is not 64bit compatiable
GPU % = 72-96 Peak 98% after running the campaign mission 1 and 2 4 times on hard it never hit 99%
No more stuttering or Black Screen/Freezes audio popped a couple times with no frame skip
I have been running tests for 11 hours so far tweaking and analyzing GPU/CPU log data.
My CPU TEMPS hovered around 50c-56c and my case fans are all on low Radiator fans average 1600rpm PWM.
No FrameRate/Sound/Stuttering issues. I tested this on solo campaign and multi-player for multiple consecutive hours. I also clean my system monthly and do a full GPU breakdown every 6 months clean/lube fans, brush heat-sink, remount and re-paste with ARCTIC 5 still have original fans its the only way to get them to last without them dying due to being clogged and burning out.

I will be continually updating this information as I continue to tweak the system and as soft/hard ware drivers are updated.

I started this thread because yesterday I could not find one post after a hour of searching for gtx560ti settings so I decided to dedicate 12 hours to optimizing it for our card.
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Thank you very much for sharing, how did you change the task manager priority? Windows 7 won't let me
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right click your taskbar and select task manager slect processes rightclick bf4 and select priority then change to above normal or high

must have atleast 8-16 gb ram
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Thanks for the reply, I figured it out from a Youtube vid, you have to click on "Show process from all users" under the Processes tab before adjusting the priority.
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