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Could anyone recommend me a cheap waterblock for a x58 mobo ? Is leaking a big concern from these chinese waterblocks, has it happened to a lot of people here?
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leaking is not a concern, my whole waterchill pc is brought from china
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Just remember to change the O rings then there shouldn't be many problem using their fittings.
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I just bought a couple of gtx 1080 waterblocks from Bykski directly on TaoBao:


I also bought a bridge as I dont know if my EK triple bridge would work with these blocks even if the water channels look smilar as the plastic looks thicker. @ GTX 1080 blocks and the bridge cost me 185.00 shipped. Will post some pics when I receive them and get it set up.
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Did you just wanted to try something different or what was the reason for going these, over the EK blocks, didnt save alot of money if that 185 is dollars.
Also not sure about the performance on these blocks I havent seen any reviews or comparisons around.
If they perform well I might go for one for my next GPU aswell just to try soemthing different, and I quess savin a couple of bucks is good to, I mean there is not much that can go wrong, just got to leak test.
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TBH I fail to find reason to brough them and ship them across the Pacific either, unless you live close to china the shipping fee will always be unreasonablely high, just buy waterblocks off PPCS if you are in the US
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Well, that was inclusing a bridge to connect the 2 blocks. The same thing would have been $285 for EK and that included shipping from Taobao. $100 dollars saved, is still $100. LOL
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I bought my last r9 290x blocks from PPC's along with many blocks and parts of the years. I just decided to try something different since the designs look exactly the same as the EK ones, but for $86 a block, vs $126 for the EK equivalent.
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Well let us know how they perform once you get them.
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Personally I'd get them directly from ek if I was you, quality gauranteed
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