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So here is the story....

I wanted a new GPU since my 660ti was getting a little old so I hit up Craigslist and purchased a used 2gb 680 GTX from a guy. It turns out this card was used in some strange data mining array that was beings used on a test system with 12 other cards to determine oil depth in ground water (or some crap like that). Anyways the card was kind of odd, it was a GTX 680, it said so on the card itself but it had some strange issues. The brackets didn't fit right in my case (they were straight and not bent with holes for screws), it seemed slower than my 660ti or on par. It couldn't overclock for nothing. Any who I sold I gave it back to him and got my money back (LUCKY)!

Then I got a BNIB 770 GTX on CL. I installed it and got a B2 error at POST. My mobo is a MSI P67A-GD65 (B3). Unfortunately since I had sold my 660ti at this time and my mobo doesn't have on board video I had to wait for a friend to give me a spare 6870. Plugged it in, flashed BIOS to the newest version (I read this fixed the B2 error) and boom, the card is recognized and I get to windows.

After all this I started receiving an A3 BIOS error any time I try and overclock which makes me have to pull the CMOS and start again. I was able to get it to 4.0ghz but eventually I blue screened. The computer seems slower as well but that might be because I used to run at 4.6ghz and now cant get anywhere near that.

Can anyone give me an idea on what this might be?

It seems the main issue here is this A3 error. Ive read a few things on the net that said it could be that I have the HDMI in the wrong output. Well there is only 1 HDMI out, even then I tried the DVI out and it gave me the same issue.

Do we think its a bad BIOS update? If so can I roll back and how safe is that?

Also should BIOS automatically update the Time and Date function or should I have to do that myself after a new BIOS flash?