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My Powercolor HD7950 PCS+ is "stupid". Please help

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The main problem that I have with this card is that the power states are VERY poorly done to the point where I get flickering whenever I use the system to browse the web or play a less demanding game. This flickering is because the default 300core/150mem is too low for 120Hz. If I force the card into higher clocks with afterburner then everything is fine but having a card never downclock isn't a solution at all.

When I install my $40 backup GTX 460 I get perfectly seamless performance between desktop to browsing to moderate games to demanding games. All at 120Hz without a single flicker.ever. The reason for this is below.

My $40 GTX 460:

full idle = 50 core/135 mem
2d desktop = 405 core/324 mem
light 3d = 405 core/1800 mem
full 3d = 780 core/1800 mem

My $200 HD 7950?

full idle = 300 core/150 mem
full 3d = 880 core/1250 mem

That's it...

Because of this, during a less demanding game that GTX 460 stays in a lower clocked state and only clocks up when it's needed. My 7950 stupidly jumps between 300core/150mem to it's full speed 880core/1250mem and then back again over and over, flickering the screen each time. There is no in between speed that it rests at like the GTX 460 does.

I contacted AMD, nothing was done. I contacted Powercolor, and they attempted to give me a bios that forces the card to keep the memory at 1250 at all times but that just bricked the card. I was able to recover the first bios with the backup that I made but I'm back at the start. Having the memory run at 1250 at all times would have probably fixed my flickering but that still doesn't seem like a real solution. I'm done with Powercolor, the guy doesn't seem to know what hes doing and I don't feel like playing the brick and recover game again.


My 7950 is stupid, it needs another power state in between idle and full 3d. On top of that it needs to have a longer delay in between those power states so the card isn't constantly jumping between them. I want my 7950 to have similar power states as my GTX 460. Is there any way to do this? Or is my only choice to get rid of the card and go throw money at Nvidia?
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