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Temp sensor + PWM fans

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Want to make a system that measures water temperature, provides feedback so I can set the radiator fan speeds accordingly - if all is automated, that is just the cherry on the top.

I looked at numerous fan controllers, but they only provide - if they provide at all - max one channel that is PWM controlled, and I need at least 4.

Does anyone know of a fan controller that supports at least 4 PWM controlled chanels, or any DIY of the same nature?
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Aquaero 6 will do what you want, but it won't come cheap.

Or use a 3 pin fan controller like a Lamptron CW611 and automatically temp control each channel. You could use 4 pin fans with it just as well, but they would be controlled through the regular 3 pin voltage control, not PWM. Would be better and probably cheaper to just use 3 pin fans instead.

FYI: Setting a channel in the CW611 to automatic mode lets you select a min & max fan/pump speed and a target temperature for each channel, which can be monitored by either an air or water sensor (comes with air sensors - you'd have to buy water temp sensors separately). Once set, it will run at your min speed until it hits your target temp and for every increase/decrease of 2C that it goes over your selected target it will step up/down the pump/fan speed in ~20% increments until it hits your max set speed or the temps return below your target min temp. The CW611 can also monitor your loop's flow rate if you connect a flow sensor to it.

But the CW611 is not a PWM controller. I just mentioned all that to show that it can afford you automated per channel temp controls, which might be something like what you were wanting to be able to accomplish via PWM. Or maybe not. I'm not sure what it is you are wanting to be able to do that requires PWM.
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Thanks, I think I'll go with the Aquaero 6 XT. Kinda like that I can monitor everything with it smile.gif

I rather prefer to control the fans with PWM than voltage modification, less heat.

Also now that I am checking out the Aquaero 6, can see that it also communicates with their D5, which is nice.
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