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GPU Artifacting please help!

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Hey guys how you doing. I been on the forums for a while. I normally don't like asking for help but now i have no choice. I honestly need help.

I am getting strange artifacts in games. This happens in borderlands 2, batman aa, or any game i play.

I am running a Ares 2 plus a 280x sapphire toxic and a gtx 660 as a physx ppu.

3930k 4.6 ghz, rampage formula IV 16 gb of ddr 2400 ram

So naturally i thought this is a graphics card problem. However both these graphics cards have survived 7 minutes of occt gpu test.

i have the ares 2 slighly overclocked to 1150 50 mhz above the default 1100.

the toxic is already at 1150, so i am not overclocking it. Also it has passed 7 minutes of occt gpu test. the memory on that card is slightly overclocked by 50mhz so its 1650. instead of the default 1600.

I am thinking that maybe its that i am not running a good enough PSU for my system. when i run foldinghome cossair link says i am using 1100 watts. Also when i go on tomb raider benchmark it shows i am also at my limit 1100 watts.

But then again when i play borderlands my power is at 600-800 watts, so i don't get why i am artifacting???

I have ram memset to 500 passes using 12 instances.
I have ran 25 passes of linx avx burn test
i have ran 8 hours of prime95 large fft
i have ran 8.5 hours of occt avx

So as you can see i am very confused and extremely frustrated.

I even changed crossfire bridges and still it doesn't work.

Here is a video and some screen shots.

Here is a video


Here is a screen Shot.


Could this be a psu problem. What is this? I can be playing for lets a few hours. then i get these artifacts. Then i can alt tab, and they go away for a bit, then they come back. Its very annoying.
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i am running at 1200i cossair. not sure if i stated that.
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