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customize a LED kit

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Hey guys,

I'm planning on buying this product:

I have little background on electronics. I can probably solder/desolder but that's just about it so I kind of need help making this work for a computer.

First, this kit runs off of a 9v battery. In order to make it work with a computer's 12v power source, am I right to assume that I would need something like this:

Another thing is, if I desolder the LEDs from the PCB and extend it with longer wires, would it have the same luminosity or will it be dimmer?

Thanks in advance.
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Hey mate. Yes you may need to step it down to 9v.

If you extend the LEDs you will get the same luminosity. I've done it loads of times.

You could then connect the other end of the voltage converter to a molex cable like this.

Just cut off the SATA end, strip the black and yellow wire.
Then connect the black wire off the converter to the black wire on the molex. And the red wire on the converter to the yellow wire on the molex

black -> black
yellow -> red

and then on the LED board, connect the black -> yellow on the converter and red -> red.

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thanks man, you rock!
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By the way, there are lots of converters available

12v > 9V 3A 15W
12v > 9V 2A 18W

Basing from the power requirements stated in the product:
"It operates off a 9v Battery which is not included."

Do you have a suggestion on which converter to take? Or it doesn't really matter?
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Just get the smallest one.

LEDs don't use a lot of amperage... depends on the LED but it's usually equal to or under 1A.
If you get a converter with a higher amperage it won't matter as the LED will only draw the amps it needs and you won't risk blowing them.

volt x amps = watts smile.gif

9v x 1a = 9watts.
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