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Hi there,

I am new on the forum and this is my first post and I hope to find a solution here.

I tried overclocking my Graphic card a few times but never succeed well...

I used afterburner to overclock it and tested it with TechpowerUp GPUTool (The one where you get an image, and test for Yellow artifacts)

The standarts are:
Core Clock: 1000 MHz
Memory Clock: 1200 MHz

So I clocked it up a bit to 1150 MHz and 1300 MHz and no yellow artifacts. But whenever I try to play a game, It crashes after a minute or 10. The sound works
but on my screen I see vertical lines, mostly green or red. Also my Graphics card's temperature isn't going over 75 Celcius. I run the 13.11 catalyst beta driver.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?. I see people who have overclocked it too 1195MHz Core and 1400 MHz Memory.

Full specs:

Graphics card: Asus Videokaart PCI-e Radeon HD7870 DCII V2 2GB
Processor: Intel Haswell Core i5 4670K 3.40GHz 6MB
Motherboard: Asus B85M-E iB85, SATA600 RAID
Windows: Windows 7 64bit
RAM: 12GB PC12800

The crash looks like this: