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Hi everyone smile.gif ,

So, I'm currently building a PC for 5000-5300$
First, let me show you what I have for now :

Motherboard : ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition (at my home tomorrow)
Processor : Intel i7 4930k (at my home thursday)
Graphic Card : Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 TI (not ordered yet, should I wait for the supposed "Black Edition"
SSD : Samsung 840 Pro 256Go (at my home thursday)
Sound Card : ASUS Xonar Essence STX (for my beautiful MMX-300 wink.gif ) (at my home thursday)
Mémoire RAM : Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4 16Go 2400Mhz CL9
Case : Corsair 900D (at my home thursday)
HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1TO (at my home thursday)
Power supply : AX860i (at my home thursday)
Beautiful Black and White Sleeved Cable from Corsair heart.gif

As you see, alot of things are coming thursday biggrin.gif

I think it's that!

Question about the parts :
- Should I wait for the supposed "Black Edition"
- Do 860W will be enough for this pc?

Now, it's getting complicate!
It's time for... Watercooling
[Nothing is ordered yet]

So, for now I made that.

- Two EK Nickel Waterblock for the 780 TI
- Koolance 380i for the i7 4930k
- Ice Dragon Cooling Nanofluid 1L (I know, I know rolleyes.gif )
- Swiftech MCP35X for the pump
- For the radiator, I was thinking of two Alphacool Nexxxos UT60 480mm and two ST30 240mm
- 10ft of Primoflex Advanced LRT (white) from Primochill
- Reservoir : ???

Do I miss something???

Question for the watercooling :

- Do 1L of liquid will be enough?
- Do 10ft of tubing will be enough?
- What do you think I should take for the reservoir? (I would like a mounted one, not a bay)

This is it smile.gif

I would probably do a build log, so if someone can show me how do that, it would be very appreciate.

Thank you vey much for your time and help smile.gif

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