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I am buying a few items on today's "Cyber Monday" for a future build. However, I am having some trouble finding the right case. I have been looking for a brown, or coffee-colored, case that will match the interior of the room the computer will be sitting in. After a lot of Googling, I have come to realize that the only 'brown' computer cases are made of leather and are either brief-cases or iPad cases. In case you were wondering, I am picky about the color of the case because I would like for it to sit on top of the desk; if it is to do so, however, it needs to look natural (as ironic as that sounds, I hope you understand).

Anyways, I would love to have some of you help me out in the search for a new case. I would like for the case to rival the quality, build-style, and price of the Fractal Design Define R4 case. If I can't find one, I will just go with the R4 and place the computer beneath the desk. Thanks!!

Here a picture of an Xbox 360 controller that is painted with the color I am looking for: