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[Build Log] Working Title Needed [Desk Build]

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Hello all,

Been creeping these forums for a long time and building computers (read: breaking things and spending money) for even longer. I wanted to do a build log just to track my progress, and get some feedback along the way from people around here who I have a massive amount of respect for. I have been feeling the itch to build a new computer desk for our new home office for a few months now and then I stumbled on some of the desk mod logs around here and immediately fell in love, they are really amazing.

So I am doing it! 'cause I am the man around this house! Just don't tell my wife I said that...

Seriously, don't.

I have some experience in woodworking and have built many pieces of furniture around our house and for friends over the years, for this build I am going with something simple and clean. Probably built of MDF unless someone has a better idea or experience, please share. Living in the UK for about a year now I am finding that wood is RIDICULOUSLY expensive here when you buy in pounds and get paid in US dollars, so while I don't want to completely sacrifice the quality, I can't going building with some exotic hardwood. The build itself is nothing outrageous, I got some decent black Friday deals but I don't have the budget for SLI Titans or anything crazy. I wanted a build that I could use for the next few years and I think I have accomplished that. It even has some room to grow if I wanted to SLI in the future.

Color scheme is looking to be black with some accenting red. I have never built a water cooled rig before; please leave a vote, I am not sure if I should attempt it this time or stick to air cooling.

Parts List:

Core Components:

ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO LGA 1150 Intel Z87 - Purchased 1 Dec 2013
Intel Core i7-4770K - Purchased 1 Dec 2013
EVGA GeForce GTX770 2GB - Purchased 29 October 2013
CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) - Purchased 1 Dec 2013
Kingston SSDNow V300 Series 240GB - Purchased 1 Dec 2013
Insert CD/DVD or BluRay Drive Here - (Suggestions?)
EVGA SuperNOVA P2 1000w PSU - Purchased 2 December 2013

Misc Parts:

NZXT Technologies Sentry Mix 2 6 Fan Controller - Purchased 29 October 2013
Corsair 900D Front I/O Panel - Purchased 2 November 2013

Cooling Components:

No idea, need to research...

Design Sketches:

Coming Soon! Working on some concepts in SketchUp and should be posting a design for comments and suggestions by the end of the week. I had some other concepts but now that I am over in the UK I am finding that it might be better to design in metric, which is throwing me off a little bit. Especially when all of my tools are from the states and I am so used to building in inches and feet.

Parts take forever to ship overseas during the holidays to base but when they arrive I will test them so more to come in the following weeks. Thanks for reading!

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[Reserved for Final Pictures]
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