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Optiplex 755?

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Hi all, my first post after a lengthy review. Great work to all contributors.
I picked up a E5440 xeon and an adapter on ebay and very quickly upgraded an asus PK5 green board to a quad CPU for ~$50. Nice!
Now I have a few optiplex 755's that I picked up on a surplus deal and want to try it on one of those. I bit the bullet and bought another E5440 and adapter but it doesn't work. I confirmed that it works on the PK5 board. I'm running the latest bios A22. The computer power light is amber instead of amber (~1sec) then green. No post beeps, nothing on screen, etc. Is this an issue of needing to get the bios cpu codes modified in the A22 bios (if that is possible with this bios) or is there another issue that I am over looking?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Funny, I do not work with modified 755's. Only stock, however if no display is shown and all the fans turn on and numbers 1 and 3 are illuminated it's either a RAM DIMM or the RAM itself. Let me now if that solves the issue. If it doesn't, I have some other ideas.
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Thanks for the suggestion Fremish. There aren't any number illuminated and the main fan goes to high rpm immediately after power on.
The RAM works with a E6550 (775). Is there a reason that the E5440 would require a different type of RAM?
Other ideas?
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Portland! West Linn smile.gif does the light on the Mobo light up?
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Yes. Yellowish LED on MB is lit.
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Seriously? That's weird, I think you are right about the BIOS... You might need to flash bios.
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