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Hey guys.
I want to build a rig for gaming aswell as for video editing and C4D rendering.

So far the proposed rig:

CPU(s): unknown
GPU(s): 290x xfire
PSU: unknown (corsair 1200i?)
Case: Switch 810

The rest is kind of irrelevant lol.

Everything would be liquid cooled, low temps, silence, etc. (420 rad + 480 rad, both 60mm thick, )

create a rig that can handle any game at any resolution BUT also be able to render projects out of C4D very quickly as i plan on using this rig in college and making money on the side. also. F@H. My budget is tight and i am extremely interested in price/performance.

Obviously a build log is in order if i can get the component side sorted first.


would i be better off with a 3930k @ 4.3ghz, or dual xeon/opteron? yes i know there is a price difference, but i would get the 2nd cpu later in time.

If i go dual CPUs then i need ones that are cheapish ($600 each?), on a smaller sized motherboard (to allow for my radiators pumps etc), with 3 or 4 pci-e 3.0 (x16) lanes, that will run windows 7/8/8.1

the motherboard would preferably be ATX sized, but i can settle for E-ATX / SSI-EBB (same size, just require modding the screw holes... i dont mind)

Thanks in advance. will be replying very quickly.

The video that got me curious:
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