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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share my experince and highlight some issues I've come across when building my first WC system. The system without WC was completed a couple of months ago, and initially I had no plans to go with WC, but with the release of BF4 it was quite obvious that 2xSLI is way too loud and hot in my case (the top card throtttled most of the time). If I would be planning system again from the scratch, I'd choose some other components. But I had to deal with what I had.

Many similar questions were covered in this topic with same components used, but it also contained some errors which I'll mention later.

My case is Thermaltace Chaser MK-1. Haven't read much reviews before I chose it. (This is probably one of the major mistakes I've made, but I liked the look of it) And this is the reason why I'm writing this - there is not much build logs with this case I was able to find. The main issue was the lack of inside space inside the case to mount the rads. Although you have a lot of places to mount fans, the rads don't fit there so good. So after precise measuring I've come to using Alphacool slim (30 mm) copper rads. My other system specs are following: Asus Maxumis V Gene / Intel Core i7-3770K @4.9 Ghz 1.3V / 2x8192 DDR3 AMD Performance PC-14900 CL9 / 2x SLI Gigabyte Geforce GTX760 2GB / OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 120GB SSD / Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 3TB HDD / Thermaltake 850W Bronze. Also I had user all of the available places to mount fans. Here is the photo of the stripped case befiore the build.

List of components used:

Rads & Fans
[*] Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper Slim Profile Triple 120mm Radiator
[*] Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper Single 120mm Radiator
[*] Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper Slim Profile Single 120mm Radiator
[*] XSPC 3x120mm Radiator Gasket - 3mm
[*] 2 x Phobya 120mm Radiator Gasket - 5mm (38285)
[*] PrimoChill Hex 2-Layer Rad Grillz - Triple 120mm - UV Blue / Black
[*] PrimoChill Hex 2-Layer Rad Grillz - Single 120mm - UV Blue / Black
[*] 3 x Scythe Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B4AP-15
[*] 2 x Scythe Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B4AP-14 (I'd take all -AP15 but the local store had only 3 of them)
[*] Phobya Y Cable Splitter - 3-Pin to 4x 3-Pin - UV Blue

Water blocks
[*] EK Supremacy Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Clean Nickel (EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ - Nickel)
[*] EK ASUS Maximus V Gene Liquid Cooling Block Set - Acetal + Nickel (EK-MOSFET ASUS M5G - Acetal + Nickel)
[*] EK FC Bridge Dual Serial CSQ - SLI Connection - Plexi (EK-FC Bridge DUAL Serial CSQ Plexi)
[*] 2 x EK VGA Supremacy Bridge Edition Universal High Performance VGA Cooling Block - Nickel (EK-VGA Supremacy Bridge Edition - Nickel)
[*] 2 x Zalman ZM-RHS1 VGA RAM Heat Sinks - SILVER

Res/Pump & Tubing
[*] Swiftech Maelstrom 5 1/4" Dual Bay Standalone Reservoir w/ MCP35X Pump (Maelstrom-35X)
[*] 20 x EK G1/4 Thread Perfect Seal Compression Fitting - 10mm ID x 16mm OD (3/8" x 5/8") - Nickel
[*] 4 x Bitspower G1/4 Thread 90-Degree Rotary Adapter - Silver (BP-90R)
[*] 4 x Bitspower G1/4 Thread 45-Degree Rotary Adapter - Silver (BP-45R)
[*] Bitspower Dual G1/4" Male / Male Fitting - Silver (BP-WTP-C08)
[*] XSPC High Flex PVC Tubing - 3/8" ID (5/8"OD) - Blue / UV Blue (7 feet)

Other stuff used
[*] Koolance Flow Meter Adapter With Display (DCB-FM01)
[*] Koolance INS-FM17N Coolant Flow Meter
[*] Monsoon .999 Fine Silver Bullet Antimicrobial G 1/4 Plug - Chrome (MON-PLUG-AG-CH)
[*] Mayhems Dye - 15mL - Blue
[*] Phobya G1/4 Fillport - Black Nickel

Now to highlight some isues I had:
1) Because when I bought the video cards I wasn't planning to WC them, I had no idea that I need to choose the PCB with support for Fullcover. So my cards were at that moment fastest factory-overclocked in series, but there is no FC for it, and probably never will. I had to go with universal WB + radiators. I hope that case fan on the side cover and front fan will provide enough airflow.

Despite the manual on EK site clearly says "Use only parallel bridge" I thought it's just outdated info and I could go with serial connection (topic mentioned above also lists serial connection). The problem with serial bridge that in/out ports are switched for the second card, and for a universal block it is very important to match the direction of the flow. So I had to use the drill for about an hour to make extra hole inside the block to turn the serial bridge into parallel. Or you can go without drilling, but use extra T-connector (or 2 inpurt ports at the rad) to join up 2 flows after the bridge.

2) MB Mosfet Waterblock. I know it doesn't plays a major role, but I've decided to use it because I'm going for 5 Ghz on CPU. First, after installation it blocks access to MB FAN connectors. So you need to plug them before mounting the WB. It has cuts at necessary places, but you cannot access it after the block is mounted. Second, it completely blocks usage of Asus minipci combo, where I was plannig to put WiFi. Now I have to make some magic passes with ex-FDD cables to turn them into flexible riser cards of that connector.

System was finished yesterday and is on a 24-h leak-test right now, I'll post some new pictures and info later. Flow scheme is: Res-Rad 360-Rad120-Mosfet-CPU-2xVGA-Rad120-Flow sensor. At 12V Pump, flow sensor shows about 310 liters per hour, at 7V - 190 (0,8 GPM). Looks good to me.

Feel free to comment.
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