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Hello overclockers,

I'm new to voltmodding so i'm going to ask some help from you guys smile.gif Replacing capacitors, modding bioses, softmodding and things like that isn't a problem for me but voltmodding...

To begin:
I'm having a MSI G31M3-F, a budget motherboard but it was free because the caps were all busted rolleyes.gif So i fixed them and now i'm having a free working motherboard. The fsb goes to around 370mhz without crashing but the motherboard doesn't have any vcore control. But there are for socket 775 vid mods so you can increase your cpu voltage without having the options for it. But that also doesn't work on this board so i have to do a voltmod on this motherboard. I already cooled the vrm's with some nice and big heatsinks and a temperature meter. The vcore is also rocksolid. Here is a picture of the chip that i think that is needed for a voltmod:

The chip is (almost) the same one as in this voltmod thread:
But the resistors are on a different place. I can't ask the user that made that mod for help because the last time he was online was 4 weeks ago mad.gif

(sorry for my bad English, i'm Dutch and 14 years old. But i'm learning it!)