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papa jock...one of the best modified DS so far... great job sir :-D
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awesome i am so stealing your ideas for my rebuild , i vote you as president of the non official Aerocool DS club (everyone who has posted are members)
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Thanks for the nomination. I have two older projects with case Aerocool: Aerocool Cyborg case (project Infensus) and Aerocool Strike-X GT case (Project Aeroclone) to prove that I deserve. I hope it does not violate a regulation if I post these pictures here?



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Can I ask you guys a question.

Do you prefer positive or negative air pressure inside the Aerocool DS? Anyone done some testing with temperatures?
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some say even pressure , some say positive i prefer positive with filters on all intakes, have tested and is slightly better with positive
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The front 3.5" cage is held in place with 3 screws, so you'd have to bring out a screwdriver! tc1yGG
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hi steffzstarkz...so far no issues with temperature...I'm using a CPUID HD monitor on monitoring the temps...so far all is ok...normal temps inside...even when playing extensive game...

papa jock...what brand of fan controller are you using on the 2nd pic?...is that Lamptron?
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That is Scythe Kaze Master Flat. I am very pleased with it, reliable and well built.
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@Ranico was spot on regarding the gaps around the front intake fan. This makes it kind of pointless to reverse the direction of this fan which I had planned to do in my build.

In the end all I did was upgrade the rear fan to a 140mm Phanteks PH-F140TS and configure a fan profile so it spins up fairly quickly when gaming.

The result is a vast improvement on the default config which seemed to run pretty hot with an open blower 7970 GPU in the case.

My overall impressions of the case a couple of months are still quite good: it feels well made, is easy to build in and relatively quiet.

It's quite a step up in size from my old Silverstone SG03 though, and I wasn't quite prepared for the sheer Presence of this case.

I'm also left worrying about the lack of dust filters on the front if the case.

Overall I still like it, even if it fell kind of short of being the ideal mATX case.
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Hey, just wondering, has anybody put a coolermaster megaflow 200mm fan in the front of their dead sience? The megaflow looks like a much thicker fan, so I don't know if it'd have enough space at the front of the case, with the drive bay still in place
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