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Ok, so I have been looking around for this type of case, but the only thing I found was a few types of cooler master HAFS and one that looks like it called a Micro ATX. I might be thinking of one that might be discontinued, but there was a few people online (one live streaming on Twitch and on the other few on Google images) that had this case (I will tell you the details at the end). The live-streamer seemed to take this one out and replaced it with test benches, or I am just hallucinating. (He told me it was a test bench when I asked him) By my memory, the case was as big as a table, had water cooling in and out of it (on the streamer's), with a test bench built into it (now he put in a table for some reason, and no, it was not the same test bench I believe) , it was clear, and was cube or rectangular shaped (It did not have the full image on the stream or on the image); the case was colored red with Light Emitting Diodest that I think changed colors to blue and back to red, another was just blue, and the other had Christmas colors (not that it was supposed to be Christmasy) Some of them (not all of them) looked like they had test components in them. It looked like a cooler master HAF except it was much larger and had more components, it was also exactly like a Micro ATX (except this is not it because of the same reason as the HAF). Sorry, but I lost the images where the images came from or what I typed on google images. I know some of you may know what it is or may have a better alternative or type; so if anyone knows please respond back, because I might be able to get one. (If it is not thousands of dollars) There was also a very brief image of one on this forum (sorry, I am very forgetful and I forgot that one too, but I think it was on a thread in the cooling section though). I am not sure if it was a computer case, system, a huge test bench., or a workstation. If you know please respond back, tell me the name, and correct me if I am wrong. Thank you and have a great day biggrin.gif.