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5x amd gpu... 1 gpu won't work

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Have a rig with 3x r9 280x and 2x HD7950 in it. Using windows 7 ultimate 64.

PSU is plenty powerful enough. I'm using powered risers, 4 gpu's are going into x16 slots and 1 is going into a x1 slot. Using the latest amd beta driver, i'm able to get 4 running but the 5th has code 43 error in device manager.

I've tried using 13.1 driver, and now all gpu's work, however it is very buggy and the driver keeps crashing even when just moving the mouse around the screen (gpu's idle).

Is there any solution? Does windows 8 support 5 amd discrete gpu's?

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Some motherboards require you to jump pin A1 and B17 on the PCI-E 1x for it to work with a GPU.

What motherboard do you have?
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asrock 990FX extreme 9

All gpu's were 'working', with 13.1 driver... it's just not that stable... so i doubt it's an issue with the 1x slot. I was able to give them all 99% load, but the screen was showing artifacts (they're all at stock, not overclocked).

I'm wondering if windows 8 would handle a 5 gpu setup better. From what i've read windows 7 has a limit to 4 amd gpus, but windows 8 might be able to handle 5.
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try following through with that guide. IIRC win 8 did increase gpu limit by 1 but im not sure from what to what
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Got it running thus far without glitches on win7 64... as per the tutorial it's also for litecoin (bro wanted a rig as an xmas gift). Changed intensity to 19 and so far the driver hasn't crashed (13.1).
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