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Hey guys, been looking for some headphones / headsets for gaming purposes.

Honestly I prefer a headset for convenience because I have an astro mixamp, but I don't mind experimenting.

Pricing for me probably caps out at ~$160
Features in order of Importance to me:

Soundstage: 9-10
Build Quality: 7-9
Mic Quality: 6-9
Musicality: 6-7

I don't have a soundcard, so I probably can't Power most things past this price threshold.
I play / focus on playing a bunch of Shooters with positional ques.
I program / do alot of computer work (includes voicework), so i may be on computers for multiple hours which is why comfort/mic qual is intended.
Of course music enjoyment would be good but probably not the focus.

Currently thinking on the Sennheiser PC 360 for these uses.

Would like recommendations, have no experience on Mic quality of Mod mics/other options which could free up different headphones.