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GTX 780 ACX vs G10/Kuhler 620?

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So I've got an EVGA GTX 780 SC w/ACX cooler. Works just fine, my only issue is that my card runs hot when gaming at 1440p (~75 C). As I live in Las Vegas, gaming turns my small room into an oven, particularly during the summer.

I'm thinking about picking up a Kraken G10 and using the Antec Kuhler 620 to help keep temperatures low. Just wondering what you guys think; is it worth it to remove the ACX cooler in favor of the G10 with an AIO liquid cooler? My biggest concern would be the VRAM overheating, but I haven't found anything about being able to apply VRAM heatsinks under the G10.

Thanks in advance for your help guys!
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It may be possible to leave the heatspreader plate on the 780 after you have removed the ACX cooler (see bottom of picture below). This is what I did when installing an Arctic Accelero on my 780 with ACX cooler. It might also work with the G10. If so, this will solve your VRAM temperature issue with the fan in the G10 blowing onto the heatspreader. It will undoubtedly be a big improvement in temps and noise over the ACX.

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Thanks for your help!
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Titans and 780 cards being similar (G10 is for reference pcb) you will need to remove the heatplate for the G10 instal. The gpu bracket (G10) will also require you to remove the rear stock fan from the card which also sits on another plate to cool VRM (if I remember mine correctly- there is two separate plates on the card). You may be able to keep the rear heatplate if indeed they are in two pieces after the stock fan is removed. Vram is not so much an issue for cooling vs vrm cooling (power delivery) and those vrams' should be around the die itself not the back of the card, they would have been cooled passively/air with the heatplate you removed in order to install the G10.

Your temps will be (with good case airflow and in P/P) not much higher then ambient, with load temps about 40% lower then stock cooling. The cooler you have is already pretty quiet but I think if your pump is a good one overall you should notice it quieter to your current cooling solution.
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Just wondering if you went through with installing the G10. I have the same card (EVGA GTX 780 SC w/ACX cooler) and I am curious about what kind of performance and temperatures your getting now versus the ACX cooler. Has VRAM temperature been an issue?
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Funny you bring this post back up now; I FINALLY got my G10 in the mail, after more than a month and a half waiting for delivery. I'm planning on doing the install this weekend.

I've been really concerned about the VRM temps issue, particularly after finding this review of the G10 at http://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/NZXT-Kraken-G10-Review-527/

From their site:

Now, as you can see with the thermal imaging focusing on the VRM chips, it appears that the chips are running at well over 100 degrees celsius (note: the bottom right corner to which I'm referring is the Titan, but it's close enough to the 780 that I'm going to use its benchmarks as if it were our 780s). At this point, I'm 50/50 on whether to purchase some kind of VRM heat sinks, and here are my thoughts on the matter;

1) My primary concern is to bring down the core temps for gaming, not necessarily to squeeze the best possible OC out of the card. After less than an hour of playing Assassin's Creed IV maxed at 1440p, the ambient temps in my well-ventilated room rose 12 degrees F, from 70 to 82. May not seem like much during the winter, but with summer coming... I'm really dreading anything that contributes to the heat.

2) The temperatures you see above are during a FurMark benchmark. As they admit on their site,
Furmark is somewhat of an unrealistic test for most users since it puts a much higher load on the video card than almost any game. However, it is a good way to put a "worst-case scenario" load level on the card so it is very useful.
This makes me believe that if you plan on using the 780 + G10 for hardcore maxed-out gaming with a heavy overclock, you'll have to provide some kind of passive VRM cooling (like a heat sink). As I'm running my right now at stock, I don't think I'd have much reason to worry about an OC further raising the VRM's temps.

Curiously enough (and I will never be able to remember where I read this), there was an obscure forum post I found about leaving the heat spreader plate on as a way of dissipating heat; obviously however you'd have to modify it to make a hole for the G10 mounting. That seems a little too intense for me... so I'll probably just end up picking up some chipset coolers from http://www.moddiy.com/categories/Heatsinks-%26-Cooling/Chipset-Cooling/ in the hopes of seeing if they can fit underneath the G10's fan.

Hope this helps... let me know if you guys have heard/read anything else that would be useful! Thanks!
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Wow - thanks a lot for the information! That review from Puget Systems is fantastic - doing the thermal imaging of the card was a brillant idea.

I think I may have found the post you mentioned which discussed leaving the ACX base plate on to act like a heat spreader. The one I am referring to was posted by user CaHan:


He later follows up the post by showing how he had to slightly file down the brackets of the base plate around the GPU:


This is a nusance, but it is something to consider before you add the chipset coolers.

Also, the entire thread has some really great information and performance numbers from members that have installed the G10.
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So just an update; I decided to try to install the G10 without removing the base plate or filing the brackets down... and I think I failed miserably. After the install, card temps were fluctuating WILDLY on the desktop (I'm talking jumping from 50* to 75*). I made the stupid decision to see what could be causing it by opening up a few GPU info programs... yeah, the card spiked to 95* and was climbing, so I immediately killed power to the rig and promptly removed the G10.

I think I'm going to try this again sometime removing the base plate and then seeing if I can get good contact between the GPU core and the Antec Kuhler 620... until then, I'm sticking with the ACX cooler.

Belfort, how'd your install go?
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Thanks for the update Cr0yant! Sorry to hear about the results, though - I am sure those were some tense moments while you were watching the GPU temps.

Unfortunately, my own installation is on hold: I'm in Europe and availability of the G10 is spotty at best. Currently, only two distributors are showing it for sale in my locale and the delivery time for one is "indefinite" while the other just has a question mark.

Plus, I've been following the thread I posted above and it appears there were some issues surrounding the length of the screws - too short for proper installation in many cases. Did you have any problems with that?

So basically, I've decided to wait a bit longer to see if NZXT can get the manufacturing straightened out before I order. I know it's not an expensive piece of kit, but I would also have to purchase an AIO cooler and I would prefer to do it all at once.
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Completely understand holding off and waiting to see. And now that you mention it, yes I did actually have trouble with the length of the screws. If I remember correctly, I had to remove one of the little plastic washers in order to get the screws to thread, otherwise I couldn't get it to catch. Hopefully NZXT have figured out by now that there is indeed a HUGE market for such a bracket... now all they need to do is fix their mistake and not let it happen again!!!
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