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Phanteks make exceptional coolers with great mounting system. There case is exceptional too. I don't like the 212 myself. I've been spoiled by much better quality like Phanteks, Noctua, Thermalright, Zaward, etc.
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Thanks again for the options but please do remember that I am just an average user with pretty much no knowledge on CPU Coolers. I know enough that they cool the CPU (obviously) and some do it better than others. But I do not know what makes one CPU cooler better than another one or which cheaper cooler does the same (or better) than a more expensive cooler.

The 212 evo is popular like I said but I don't like the fact that it wiggles. When I can get the PH-TC12DX for the same price (to me the $20 gift card is a freebie) it seemed like a no brainer especially when I watched the video of its installation which is easy and it seems secure and as stated it is a superior cooler to the 212.

Unfortunately, I just don't know what makes all of these coolers better (or could be better) than the PH-TC12DX. I've looked them all up and they are all around the same price except for 2 of them (one is more expensive and one is cheaper).

So can someone explain to me "how" they would be better? Also one other question, if I do go with the PH-TC12DX (or another cooler) how would I know if it clears my RAM before I purchase it?

Thanks again for your time and help!
Originally Posted by PontiacGTX View Post

the thermaltake nic c5,cooler master tpc 812,thermalright true spirit 140,thermalright macho/hr 22,zalman cnps14x,scythe mugen 3/4 could be better

thermaltake nic c5 - $55

Cooler Master TPC 812 - Overclocking CPU Cooler with Dual Cooling Technology - 2 Vapor Chambers and 6 Heatpipes - $74

Thermalright True Spirit 140 - $50

Thermalright Macho Rev. A (BW) (=HR-02 Macho + Support Socket 2011 + Screw Driver) - $53

Zalman CNPS14X Heat Sink LGA2011 FM1 LGA1156 AM3 for Intel AMD Cooling Fan - $35

Scythe Mugen 4 CPU Cooler for LGA 2011/1366/1156/1155/1150/775 and Socket FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 (SCMG-4000) - $56
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So members post all kinds of suggestions.
I would only consider the True Spirit 140 and Macho HR-02.

Thermaltake has a terrible reputation and are noisy

TPC 812 cools well but is noisy
For example on i7 3960X@4.75GHz:
Macho HR-02 . 79.5c@37.8dBA
True Spirit 140 76.9c@36.9dBA
TPC 812 . . 77.2c@51.9dBA . 2.5 times as loud
CNPS14X . . 76c@45.9dBA . twice as loud

Tested on different platform
NIC C5 performs about same as CNPS14X
Mugen 4 performs almost as good as Macho HR-02
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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

So members post all kinds of suggestions.
And I surely do appreciate that. I just don't know what the suggestions mean. wink.gif

So if I understand you correctly, my aim here is at noise levels of the fan.

PH-TC12DX = dual fan push/pull which I figured would be nice because I think it would line up nicely with my case exhaust fan (either the back or top depending on how I mounted it) pushing the hot air right out of the case. You had said this is a quality cooler but I wonder how quiet it is compared to the other 2 you recommend.

True Spirit 140 and Macho HR-02 = both single fan

Searching for a few minutes I cannot find an install video in English unfortunately.

I do apologize for my lack of knowledge but definitely appreciate you guys pointing me in the right direction.

Edit: Upon reading more (now probably about 8 hours today) it seems larger 140mm fans are quieter and give better cooling along with more pipes and fins? This is definitely getting overwhelming for an average non-overclocking user that just wants to keep his CPU cool. wackosmiley.gif
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The stock cooler will be fine for normal uses

The hr-02 macho is quiet, probably don't need fan over minimum speed at load, but a touch expensive for just stock settings.

If you're running just stock, you can use the stock cooler if you want - it's more just a question of will the noise bother you. If you care a lot for noise, a lot of stuff will stick out at times - GPU mainly, probably, under load, then cpu fan, then stuff like hdd's, case fans etc.

I'm using a silver arrow with two fans maxing @1300rpm (thermalright 140mm fans, different versions of the coolers have different fans) and at 1000-1300rpm they're not that loud, pwm-controlled turning on and off at or below 600rpm it's basically not audible at all
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6700k Asus Maximus VIII Hero Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme 1080ti Corsair LPX 2x8GB 3200c16 
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Old Seagate HDD Samsung 850 EVO Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E SE Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 
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6700k Asus Maximus VIII Hero Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme 1080ti Corsair LPX 2x8GB 3200c16 
Hard DriveHard DriveCoolingOS
Old Seagate HDD Samsung 850 EVO Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E SE Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit 
Asus PG258Q (240hz + Gsync) WASDKeyboards.com v1 semi custom w/ mx browns, ... Superflower Golden Green HX550 Air540 
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Originally Posted by Cyro999 View Post

The stock cooler will be fine for normal uses
My apologies, I should have changed up my wording a bit (I was a bit tired from reading all day). I am an average guy as in I don't overclock however I do use 3D programs (rendering) and gaming. The 3D rendering did tax my current old core 2 duo CPU. I actually haven't been able to do much rendering these days as my old PC just can't handle it anymore. So I've purchased a new custom system (which is on page 1) and in the process was told about not needing an aftermarket cooler since I am not overclocking. Since then others have stated that it'd be best that I did get a cooler since the 3D rendering/Gaming does stress the CPU and it will prolong its life and probably give steady performance if it is kept cool. After reading so much yesterday and watching videos I think I do want something more on the quiet side (not super quiet mind you). But I do not know what quiet is when it comes to the thousands of different cooler options, which one cools better, which ones have better mounts, which ones are better quality, etc.. So it looks like I have a lot of research to do. But for now, it's time for a great Monday at work! mad.gif
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Noise level and temp level. Bigger coolers / more heat pipes generally mean better cooling so less fan speed is needed to keep CPU cool. Keep in mind 40dA is not loud.. about the same a bird calls. But when it's constant it can be annoying. 30dBA is not a problem for most people. 20dBA is whispering. 10dBA is breathing.

Don't beat yourself up on this cooler / noise thing. How much noise are you dealing with now? My systems at are quiet at full load.. quiet enough I can still hear birds outside and the wind rustling leaves on trees. wink.gif

You GPU is pretty quiet..probably 35-40dBA range. By comparison Asus DirectCUII GPUs are about 25-35dBA and considered one of the quietest.
Here are some GPU soundclips

There are several things I would do different in your build but as it's already ordered it is what it is... and it's not bad. wink.gif

Here are sound clips of different coolers 700rpm and full speed. The NH=U12P SE2 is similar sound to TC12DX

I follow quality air cooler. It keeps me busy without trying to keep up with the rest of industry. wink.gif

HWMonitor and Open Hardware Monitor are very similar. OHM has a graph that is nice.. allows me to see what temps have been doing for up to 24 hours.

The fans on Silver Arrow (not SB-E) are same as on Macho HR-02 and True Spirit 140. Well, TY-140 & TY-147 are identical except colour. TY-141 & TY-145 are identical except colour. TY-143 is same as TY-140 w/ ball bearings & 2500rpm instead of 1300rpm.

The Thermalright mount is not quite as nice as Phanteks. Same design but has screws instead of thumb nuts so more fiddly. HR-02 requires a very long magnetic tipped screwdriver or nut driver to mount.

My sig system idles CPU 25-29c@650-750rpm; GPU 31c@800rpm and full load rendering graphics at 95-100% CPU 44-49c@950-1050rpm; GPU 45c@1600rpm.. depending on room temp.
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Thanks again for the helpful info. So I'm leaning towards the Thermalright True Spirit 140 as suggested. (large 140mm fan, 6 pipes, cheap price). Definitely probably overkill but heck it will keep my CPU happy for years to come. (fingers crossed of course)


Despite not being able to find many video reviews in English, written reviews do say it is quite good and quiet (though a lot of the reviews refer to a 140M BW version which I do not know that is) but some reviews have noted the fan clips that hold on the fan came with the wrong size or are extremely tight to put on. It is also very strange that this thing is not sold on newegg which I often go to for its amount of reviews they usually have.

Do you think that the TS140 will fit in my case and not have any memory issues?

Also you stated you would have done several things different on my build. I am very curious as to what you would have done differently and why so that I can learn and possibly use those ideas if needed in the future. Would you mind sharing? If you feel it necessary to PM me to avoid going off topic please do.

Thanks again!
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The True Spirit BW is same cooler with TY-147 black and white fan; which is TY-140 in different colors.

Sorry, but I have to remind you the Zalman CNPX10X Optima is on special for $29.99 - $10.00 mail in rebate = $19.99. And it cools very well too.

Arc XL has 180mm CPU clearance. TS140 is 171mm tall. Plenty of room. thumb.gif

Practice putting the fan on cooler before you mount cooler in case.

Also practice mounting cooler on CPU before applying TIM and doing it for real. By doing this you will know how to set it in place, start the crossbar screws and tighten without moving cooler around cursing.. it only takes a few minutes.

As for differences in build, we all do thing differently.
* Arc XL is a big case (232 x 572 x 552mm). I would have gotten Arc Midi R2 (230 x 460 x 515mm). XL is 4.5" taller and 1.5" deeper.. and costs $30.00 more than Midi. I'm into quiet so probably have gone for Define R4 for same price as Midi.
* Use Thermalright Chill Factor III supplied with cooler instead of paying $13 for Nano Diamond.
* Probably gone bigger HDD. I always go twice as big as I think I will need and usually end up using it.. and HDD speed starts slowing down as soon as data is loaded onto it.. the more it has on it the slower it becomes.. although up to 70% is not real problem.. and should never use more than 85% of HDD. I look for the 'sweet spot'.. the size that is cheapest per TB.

I use all PWM fans.. case and coolers.. and control case fan speed with same PWM signal used for cooler fan. Doing this
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Okay you just had to throw in another option rolleyes.gif

I'll do some reading reviews/benchmarks on the one you recommended now (I have a feeling I am taking this way to seriously now). Just from some short research I found:

Zalman CNPS10X Optima
132(L) x 85(W) x 152(H) mm
Low Speed 34.90 dB(A)
High Speed 52 dB(A)
Pipes not touching at base so have to fill them in?

Thermalright True Spirit 140
155(L) x 53.4(W) x 170(H) mm
Low Speed 25.40
High Speed 38 dB(A)
Flat base (no filling in)

So the TS140 definitely takes the lead in quietness (at least for this one for particular review)

Oh and as for my build, you are probably right. I should have looked at the midi r2 as it pretty much has all the same features (ports on front and integrated 3 speed fan controller switch). Definitely couldn't afford more on the Hard Drives but for my needs the 500GB SSD and the 1TB HDD should be sufficient (I currently have about 450GB free space between my 2 current drives that aren't as large not to mention my external drive). As for PWM (I'll admit I really don't know what this fully is) the MB I chose has a PWM connection for the cpu cooler and you can control the fan speed both in the bios as well as an external program provided by ASUS so I have read (though I will be letting the computer decide when to ramp up the CPU fan. I'll just control the case fans if I feel I need to turn them up for extra cooling).

Now onto more research. Thanks a lot! haha
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