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I just got my 27QW on Friday and it worked fine all weekend with my macs (early 2011 macbook pro and first-gen 2012 retina macbook pro). This morning it would start to work, then get fuzzy, then turn on and off. While doing this, when on it would still be fuzzy.

I'm using an apple dual-link dvi adapter. I have confirmed it is firmware 1.0.3 which is often reported as the 'one that works' with these kinds of displays.

The monitor does work correctly when plugged into my pc. I'm still using the adapter (albeit with a 1080p monitor) so I presume the adapter didn't just go boom.

I was really hoping to use the monitor with my macs since that's where I do all my work. Are there any other troubleshooting options to get it to work with them?