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Help, upgrading an i7 950 with 12gigs of ram.

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I've been running a i7 950 at 4ghz for a couple years now with 6 gigs of ddr3 at 1548mhz

right now with the 6 gigs I sometimes use 5.8-5.9 total while playing bf4 SO I decided to I wanted to upgrade memory

I was going to get a 16 gig setup but came across a match set to my 6g, that was new.

Now I've installed the new ram and itll post start loading windows and will crash, It'll say theres an error loading windows and has to restart. ram info

corsair TR3X6G1600C8 G

8-8-8-24 1.65V

I tried to lower the mhz down to 1066 and still crashes but if I take out the 3 sticks it will work just as it did before.

sorry for the very poorly put together thread,
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I went through this exact thing a year or so ago. I had been using a 3x2gb kit of the Dominators, even the same exact model as you. I found another set on here for cheap and bought it. I've been using 12gb for a while now, but I did have to completely redo my overclock. The extra memory puts more stress on the IMC. With all 6 slots populated, you will have to tweak your voltages. First off, try bumping your QPI voltage. 1.3-1.35v maybe. If I remember correctly, I also had to bump my vcore to get stable. QPI voltage is probably what is hanging you up. Make sure you are running your slowest uncore (UCLK) until you get established.
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well i bumped the qpi up to 1.35 changed the timings to 9 9 9 24 and set he qpi to the lowest settings..

It will boot and load into windows now, I can run about 30-40 minutes of prime and it will crash.

So i pulled my old sticks of ram and put JUST the new ones in and can't get the computer to run at there rated mhz on my overclock So im not sure whats going on here My old sticks can do it no problem and have been for years but these dimms cant?

I'm not and experience overclocker, Just trying to get 12gbs and my reliable 4.0ghz overclock
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You may have to tweak your entire overclock. vcore, qpi, pll. I just remember having to increase vcore and qpi voltage to get it stable with all 6 dimms. My 4ghz vcore had to be boosted from 1.26 to 1.29v if I remember right.

If the new set that you bought are not even able to run at 1600 alone, your just amplifying your problems. Those dominators are rated for 1600 so you should not have a problem. Mess with them for a while tweaking this and that, and then call Corsair for RMA if needed.
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