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GPU slots not working optimally

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So, I did a little tweaking to my hardware last night; added a 1000w PSU (it was free) and a Quadro FX 3700 (also free) just to see what was going to happen with it. Well it was a catastrophe frown.gif

First, when I finally re-booted the system (after not completely plugging in the 8-pin aux CPU power at first biggrin.gif) FAH came up. Now, my board has 3 PCI-e slots. Top and 2nd have GTS 450's, and the bottom x4 slot has the FX3700. So, when I finally restarted the system, FAH saw my CPU, but then found ONLY the FX3700. Then, when I would try to manually add GPU slots, it would still continue to put the FX in the GPU0 slot :-\

2nd'ly (this is incompetence) adding the FX card made windows install a 331 driver...I didn't realize that until this morning when my PPD on the 450's was down from almost 8100 to 6400 mad.gif Oh yeah, that was for the ONE 450 that actually was folding...the one in the top slot decided it was just going to fail 27 WU's rolleyes.gif

I did some oatchwork this morning (driver 327.23 (or something like that)), got the slots all folding. This is the practice run for adding a "real" 3rd card to this system.

Should I have uninstalled FAH before adding the 3rd card, then reinstalled? I don't understand why it "found" the GPU in the lowest slot on my MOBO as the "main" card. frown.gif
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Due to the overwhelming number of replies wink.gif I'll give a small update. All for slots are running but ppd is way down, especially on the 2500k. I can only assume the FX is not playing nice (it is getting about 4000 ppd lol).

I have two options: pull the FX out to return the status quo...or uninstall/reinstall FAH.

Could this be a case of more than one GPU architecture messing with FAH. If that's the case, if I do adda third card to this machine, should it be a fermi card, or will a keplar based card work?
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Another interesting symptom popped up last night. I restarted my machine (to get a shorter log for the folding forums). In doing so, my CPU slot was dumped mad.gif

I'm again wondering if this has to do with the FX architecture. Anyhow, I'm going to try a fresh install of FAH, and if that doesn't "work", probably ditch the FX card and either run 3 Fermi cards and SMP, or 3 low end kepler cards (650, 650TI, or 660)
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