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Poll Results: Which Cooler Master Elite ITX Case do you own?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 1% of voters (3)
    Elite 100
  • 25% of voters (56)
    Elite 110
  • 15% of voters (34)
    Elite 120 Advanced
  • 1% of voters (4)
    Elite 120 Advanced White
  • 60% of voters (131)
    Elite 130
216 Total Votes  
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Hi Guys,

Here is my modded Elite 130 smile.gif

Side window with round corners, I have also removed the 3.5" drive bay to create more space for the large MSI 1070 Gaming X and better fit of the H60 v2 plus changed the 80mm side fan with a slim Akasa Fan which is very quiet and moves much more air. The CPU is an i7 4790k,

I have done the whole cutting with a Dremel and quite a bit of disks, for the holes for the spacers I have used a drill smile.gif

The 120 fan is fixed with foamed double tape, it is important to use foamed as it will totally absorb any vibration, the one used bought in Maplin is extremely strong and wide just right for the slim fan profile.

There is also a led strip as you can see, the Gamix X has its own led but are very faint.

With this system I have a small gap for the graphic card to get air in, the radiator is on pull, and so is the 120 fan on the side. PSU is a BeQuiet is facing up and the whole system is dead silent and very okay under load.

Edit: No idea why on this forum the pictures look ridiculously small when clicking on it.
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I have finally updated my build, and i am still interested in a second AIO and better ways too cool GPU.

In my build some of the first things i did was take out the 5.2inch bay, i mean who even uses a dvd player anymore, i got an external for that anyways.
I have 4 hard-drives in this baby no bay.

I have 2 fractal 120mm fans pushing air out of the case, i have tested all configs possible and this was the best i considering GPU and CPU temps.
But would like a small but silent fan in the back of the case pulling air in. As is not Radiator on push pull is pulling fresh air albeit hot sometimes,
AIO is a Fractal Design Kelvin T12, with alphacool parts, its really a completely copper radiator and pump.
Its sporting a Noctua NF F-12, it had 2 but cooling was not optimal, so i put a CM Blademaster on it.
Im planning to switch all my fans for Nidec Gentle Typhoons.

Cpu temps are no higher than 70c meaning benchmark temps and not gaming load.
I can easily play Shadow of war on high 30c to low 50c.

I have some generic Red led lights i bought from Aliexpress that are held down by double-sided tape, i am going to hot glue them on since i do not like how shabby they look with the dual layer tape.
I have cut holes on the top for exhaust and right side fan. But have grills, and i am really happy with top fan grill, but would like to put another grill on side fan.

If anyone have any suggestions for better cooling GPU, as it is overclocked(MSI GTX 9704G @core 1519mhz mem 3808mhz), and can easily hit 83c on demanding games,
I have changed thermal paste(NT-H1)
and i have both a custom fan curve on MSI Afterburner, and exhaust fan curve on Speedfan.
But i am considering cutting more holes in front of the GPU for better cooling, or getting another AIO and water cooling it.

Disclaimer, Cable management has been performed to the degree possible after taking this pictures, so please bare with me.

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Just finished-ish my build. Got a few more things to finished off/update but I'm fairly satisfied with the build. Here is the PCPartPicker link if your interested in the parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/9tQZxr

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