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So one of the main reasons i got a sound card was in fact to have two lines, obviously i got it for gaming and general experience and whatnot lol, but i have not been able to set it up so i can watch tv with audio coming from the tv, and then audio still going through my headset.


Sound Blaster ZXR

I would like to use this with my headset (senheisser 558)

and use my Asus sabertooth 990fx on board for my tv w/ an HDMI cable (since i doubt the speakers on this generic 50" tv would appreciate the sound card though the sound card came with rca-->headphone jack (female) then a headphone jack (male) ---> rca connector)

Step by step would be nice, and if there is a program that I can use to keep the settings saved so i can switch between the tv and just dual monitors in a pinch without having to adjust things would be fantastic.

Thnx ahead of time !