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Hi guys,

I could really do with your help.

I bought 3 x Catleap Q270 60hz monitors from Greensum around a year or so ago. I run all three from a ASUS 7970 DCU2 using one DVI-D and 2 with Bizlink active Displayport to DVI-D adapters at 7680x1440 resolution.

Recently one monitor decided not to work. It would start up and the image would fade away after a few seconds just leaving the backlights on. Now it simply just registers but no image at all, only backlights and a solid green from the indicator once plugged in.

I have tried;

Switching DVI-D cable from working monitors
Swapping power supplies from working monitors
Only plugging in this monitor
Dismantling and unplugging all connectors and plugging in again
New drivers
plugging in after bootup

I'm fairly certain at this point that the PCB has simply died but I can't seem to find spares or any solution. I can swap out the PCB with one of the other monitors but I am essentially certain at this point it is the PCB. What I want to know is what my options are or any known solutions to this?

As mentioned, the monitor powers up, registers with the PC and displays a solid green light but wont display an image, only backlights. I know this isn't a graphics card/driver issue as the other two monitors work fine both alone and together. This one does not.

Any help appreciated.