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Hey guys I have been doing research after research on monitors and still can't come to a decision and had hopes that some of you guys here might have some good advice

I am looking for 3 monitors 22-24 inch to use in a 3 monitor setup. I mostly game and do school work and they will be running off a single 290x.

I'm on a bit of a budget which is really the deciding factor for monitors for me at this point. I am looking for anything under $200 per monitor.

Preferably IPS but I realize that might be a long shot with this budget but VA and TN panels are fine with me.

Something with slimish bezels (or maybe I will later debezel it...) and VESA mount!!

I have looked at many monitors and some seemed perfect for me but won't work for me since they don't have the mounts (my desk is small).

I was looking at something like the Acer H236HL but it doesn't come with vesa mounts frown.gif If you guys have any recommendations let me know!