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Hi guys so not sure why im having this issue it seems exceptionally straight forward but for whatever reason, its not working...

So I have this splitter board on the left that I am jumping from a single 5v 3pin across to a splitter PCB where I have 3x Sythe GT's and jumping from a single 12v 3pin across to another splitter pcb where I have 4x Silverstone AP 181's. If I plug the fans directly into the first board everything works fine. as soon as I jump across to one of these splitters it doesnt work. The GT's might give a very slight wiggle when i first plug them in but thats it. The AP 181's just humm. Its like they voltage is being significantly dropped but buggered if I know why. Im using a female to female 3 pin to connect the 2 boards.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Here is a picture of my configuration and video of whats happening. NOTE it does the same thing even if only 1 fan is plugged in.