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i7 950 performance issues

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Hi all... I was hoping for some help here. I apparently don't know as much about building my own computer as I thought I did because something seems to be wrong with my setup.

The computer is a couple years old now and all this time I thought my struggles with my game playing (CodMW2, and BF:BC2) was just because I sucked. But now I'm starting to think things are out of whack.

So first,my setup....

CPU: I7-950, 3.06ghz, LGA1366
RAM: Corsair XMS3 6-gig Triple Channel DDR3 1600mhz (cmx6gx3m3a1600c9)
M\B: Asus X58 Sabertooth
Graphics: Asus EAH6850 (Radeon HD 6850), 1gig GDDR5, 790 mhz Engine core, 4000 mhz Memory Core
Power: 630w Raidmax.

Now with that said, I believe I should have a pretty decent computer but then I just can't understand why my games are jumpy, non-smooth, bad FPS, etc. After doing some reading I decided to run the following programs.

Yesterday while I was playing I was getting around 60 FPS. I have since change my bios setting to switch to "X.M.P." most and now I seems to be a bit better yet my game playing issues still exists.

CPU = 6069, 3d Graphics = 2340, RAM = 1850, Overall Score = 2373

3dMark 11
CPU (Physics) = 7557, Graphics = 3316, Combined = 3456, Overall Score = 3756
* May be worth noting that during the test, my FPS was 20 or less for practically every test.

FPS = 20.4, Overall Score = 513

So although I'm posting this in an overclocking forum, I guess I should say I'm not as concerned about OC as much as just wondering why these older games seem to be struggling. But I figured I'd ask the smart guys for any ideas or things I should check.

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Your 950 has the power to run whatever you want, but your graphics card though is definitely holding you back. 1gb of VRAM is certainly not doing you any favors. 2 is a bare minimum,and games are getting to the point where 2gb is more commonly not enough. 1 is certainly not enough if you are trying to use a lot of AA. Try running your games with no anti aliasing. That 6850 needs to be upgraded though.

Aside from hardware issues, you could try checkout your video drivers. Try a complete uninstall, not just a catalyst uninstall, and reinstall recent drivers. Search on here for instructions for a complete uninstall.
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Thanks for the reply..sorry I got side tracked on some things. I think you are on to something. I thought that card was a decent card but in all my overclocking attempts, the one thing I noticed was that even though the CPU and RAM performance would increase, nothing would increase my graphics.

In addition, I started having some lock up issues in the game so I reverted everything back to stock and will just focus on the graphics card. It would have been a lot easier if there was something that could have told me the weakest link?
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