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I am a noob at this mining but I know computers mostly and I have been reading for a few days about litecoin mining and I still have a few questions

I have setup my mining at first using guiminer and that was easy as hell but then I got 2 290x's and I wanted to use cgminer cuz guiminer was crashing with both cards running

now that I have got cgminer running I am getting 800khash out of each card, I tried many settings in the bat file that I would read in these forums and then I would get better or worse hash rates

but I want to understand the config file and why I would want that rather than the bat file?

why do I need all those settings I see like the different clock speeds and stuff, cant I just Ron Popeil (set it and forget it) and be cool?

whats the difference between using the config file and the bat file to mine with?

here is some info about my setup - 2 290x's xfx brand

I wont be using the computer for anything else at all other than mining 24/7

it will be in a climate controlled basement that is usually always 68 deg F

so far when I get it running and it gets up to speed I can set the fan speeds and it will be fine and not need to go up or down

now I can get 800khash the cards are almost always 7 deg C apart from each other no matter what the temps are which is because I have this in a normal case I guess and the air flow isnt the best I guess

the temps are 78c 3327 rpm and 71c 3317 rpm fan speed is set to 60% cuz its rather loud anything higher than that, but turning it up to 100% will get the temps down near 60c and 67c but the hash rate dont go up at all