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i have the 750k on a fatal1ty motherboard with 16g of g-skill ram pc1333 the asrock bios says the cpu has a max overclock of 6+ ???? mine is at 4.1 in turbo mode right now but im new to overclocking and would like to get it to a safe 4.4 -4.5. is this at all possible on air? with staying semi cool?
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4.4 ~ 4.5ghz is easy to get stable on air. As long as it's a decent aftermarket cooler, you'll be fine with temps.
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Phanteks PH-TC12DX_RD Dual 120mm PWM CPU Cooler
you wouldnt know what spec"s i would need to get it there?
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You mean OC settings? You can check this thread for a lot of good info from other Athlon x4 owners: http://www.overclock.net/t/1404334/amd-athlon-x2-340-370-and-athlon-x4-740-750k-760k-be-owners-club/0_50
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