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For anyone curious about the performance of this laptop...

Got the laptop, didn't even boot it up - I just put my SSD in it, 8 more gigs of ram, and installed Windows 8.1 clean from OEM disk.

Installed all drivers etc.

BF4 test:

Ran the game at 1080 with everything on HIGH for a solid 30 minutes. The laptop keeps a steady 60FPS most of the time, and dips down to 40fps when there is an insane amount of action. I turned the effects setting to medium, and gained another 5fps during intense action. In other words, the laptop plays the game terrific.

Using Playclaw I monitored temps etc. In BF4 the gPU will get up to 80C, but never seems to exceed that. (Same with the CPU)

Witcher 2

1080, everything on high - no issues! Temps stayed down near 70C for the GPU in this game, FPS a steady 60.

I will test M:LL next once I get it installed.