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I have 2 separate raids set up on my pc, both striped and one is made of SSDS one of HDDS.

Just a few quick questions that im struggling to dig up on the web.

1) Is IRST software required to enable write BACK cacheing? The write cacheing option in device manager seems to be one of the other lesser performing forms of write cacheing if im correct? However id like to enable write-back cacheing via means other than the software if possible (to avoid having to install it and just instal the driver)

2) What stripe size should I run for the SSD raid and the HDD raid separately? The SSD raid is obviously used for my OS and programs (trying to figure out if I should be using it for games too?) and the HDD raid is used for my Pics/Music/Data/Videos and (depending on what I determine .. my games)

anyhow, in my z87 uefi my options for stripes sizes are 4k - 128k. The general consensus has been 16k and I get 2051 in AS SSD with 16k currently. Whether another stripe size will increase that score or not is second to a stripe size that will do the most for me in apps and games (mmorpgs mainly)

Here are my specs for good measure

z87 oc force
32gb corsair dominator platinum
2x Samsung evo (512gb)
2x Seagate barracuda (4tb)
4x Evga Gtx Titan SC
2x Evga NEX 1500 Supernova psu
Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64