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[Build Log] Custom server / multibox monster rig.

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Hey I don't have much time because I'm heading to work. But i just spent my afternoon ripping appart old rigs I had ranging from old P4's to AMD athlon x2's... What I wanna do is make a monster rig to store stuff via FTP, run a couple minor gaming servers (Minecraft, Terraria, etc) And make a multibox machine for maplestory as it cannot be run multiple times on one machine. I've tried with hacking scripts and it's way too unstable, crashing every 10-15 minutes with more than 3 clients open.

I don't have much pictures yet other than all the parts I've gotten along the afternoon. The case will be made out of plexiglass and will run along the side of my wall. Should look great. I'll upload drawings tommorow. Tell me what you think.

EDIT: 1/2/2014
Full list of parts:

[Motheroard + CPU]
Gateway EL1300 Motherboard + Athlon x64 CPU
IBM Netvista K9U Motherboard + P4 CPU
ASRock NF6P-VSTA Motherboard + Athlon x2 CPU
Asus P5GD-VM Motherboard + P4 CPU
Asus A7NBX-VM Motherboard + Centron CPU
Dell Workstation 380 Motherboard + P4 CPU
IBM K4F Motherboard + P4 CPU

Hard Drives

WD200 - 20GB IDE
Seagate Barracuda - 40GB IDE
IBM Deskstar - 40GB IDE
Seagate Barracuda - 160GB IDE
WD2000JS - 200GB SATA
WD2500AJB - 250GB IDE
WD2500 - 250GB IDE
WD2500JS - 250GB SATA
WD2500JS - 250GB SATA
WD2500JS - 250GB SATA
WD5000AAKB - 500GB IDE

*** This log will include putting together each system, including windows, setting up a soft KVM, setting up a home LAN, and finally putting everything in a very awesome custom case with custom cooling, lighting, etc.


A few hard drives

Somewhere along the way..

Everything mostly cleaned/ripped out.

The gargabe =D

Next step is building each system to make sure everything works. Ill start tommorow and I'll upload tons more stuff!

UPDATE 1/6/14

The 3 next pictures is a DELL computer that had the heatsink screws go into the metal casing of the computer, since the case is gone I made a acrylic backing do that the heatsink could correctly seated.

These next 3 pics are 3 non working mobos. Including the Dell I had just modified. I hadn't noticed it was missing an integrated graphics chip, and I do not have an extra PCI Express card. Oh well!

The GF, the dog, and the mess.

This is the Gateway EL1300-02 Stripped. Windows Xp is being installed on it.

Stripped Acer Aspire ASE571

This one is amazing I found this CPU stuck to the heatsink by ways of EPOXY I don't know how stupid you have to be to do this but whatever, I took it part because it was overheating, no wonder.

My favorite system, it's not very potent but it's only because this is the only system that has a dedicated graphics card, even though it's old, it really feels epic. (Nvidia Ti4200) with an old P4 1.8Ghz 400mhz FSB...


All the systems have been set up with Windows XP Pro. It's 1:00 am and it's time to pack up!

Left over CPUs... No idea how I ended up with so many.. Hopefully everything works out wink.gif

NEXT UP: Plugging them ALL in, installing VNC and drivers.

I'm really excited about this as it is my very first experiement even though I have been building PC's for years.

Thanks for looking, I reatly appreciate it!

**NOTE: This journal/log will also serve myself as guide/helpbook in the eventuality that I need to look at the steps I took to make this project.
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