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Did you have the issue with the stream while you were running the pcap? Also, have you tried different machines/OSs? Reformatting should really be a last resort kind of thing - most of the time it's a needless waste of time.

The first thing I would do is see if another computer on the same network has the issue. You could also try a Linux live disk, although I'm not sure if they ship with flash installed (you can always download it in live mode if it doesn't have it.) You can also try removing your router and just plugging directly into the modem to see if that changes anything.

Is this issue happening on a particular site?

I tried using another computer and it was working fine actually. Ive always been direct connected with the modem so I dont think that is the issue either. It was actually working for most of the weekend no problems with multiple downloads and streams running. Today it went back to being ****ty again lol. I even tried using a network card same issue. Should i try a new modem?
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If you have another computer working fine, then it's not a modem or router issue. The issue is on the one system (at least we're pretty sure.) You should really try a live disk before trying any new hardware or anything else. You might save yourself money this way. You can also call your ISP. They might be able to run a remote test, but if they start telling you to play with cables and turning things on and off, tell them so send somebody tomorrow to do diagnostics or you're cancelling.

But back to our own diagnostics: is this happening on just one particular site?
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