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Hello OC-heads,

I`m here asking for your help in guiding me on the path to my first stable overclock.

I have an i5 4670k currently at 4.2 Ghz, but not stable, 8Gb RAM Kingston HyperX 1600, GB Z87MX D3H mobo, and a 750w Silverstone fully modular silver certified PSU.

I didn`t win the silicon lottery, since my computer will not boot at 4.6 Ghz w/ 1.250V VCore.

Until last night, I didn`t knew that I needed to set the Uncore lower than the CPU clock , so I had CPU clock at 42x and the same for Uncore with 1.230V.
This was stable for 20 min of Aida 64 and Prime 95, but crashed in BF3.
This morning I reset bios, and went with 42x CPU clock and 36x Uncore, but still unstable.

I tried setting the VRIM on auto, and also at 1.800V manually, with the same results.

I also set the Turbo Cores at the same multiplier as the one for the CPU clock. And the CPU VRIN Loadline Calibration and Current Protection to extreme.
Also, I set the RAM to XMP profile, at 1600 with 1.65V, and selected Extreme Performance (I think I should have used Extreme Stability).

Since it`s my forst overclock attempt, I`m sure I`m doing something wrong.
Please tell me where I`m doing wrong, or what else I should adjust.

I will try to answer your questions to the best of my limited OC knowledge.