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Im trying to make my own "cloud" for my game saves. Its great that Steam and Origin pick and choose which games to save, but I want them all synced in one place. After a long day of scourging the internet, I have found and verified the save directory for all of my games. Currently I am using a sync program to copy all game saves to the windows "Saved Games" directory.

Ideally I wouldnt have to use a program to monitor changes in the files, the files would just copy to the "Saved Games" directory automatically.

I came across something about Symbolic Links, and I think this is what I am looking for. I dont quite understand it though, so I was wondering if anyone out there can help clarify it for me. I have read the wiki article on it, and also followed this article and installed the link shell extensions, but dont know where to go from here. Im sure its fairly simple, but I just think If someone was to try and explain it a little better it would be helpful