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Hey guys I've got an issue I'd like to see if I can fix. I recently bought a second 5770 to Crossfire with. Now the original was an Asus DirectCU card which was cool and quiet and this new one is some awful loud hot XFX thing. No worries though, I thought, because the Asus card would still be the primary card and take the brunt of the GPU load, however the exact opposite has happened and the XFX is now my primary card. I tried switching the 2 over physically but nothing changed, then I spotted this in Asus GPUTweak:

The Asus card clearly has a name (EAH5770) and yet the XFX has no name whatsover. I figured that this was the reason it was defaulting to be the primary card pushing the Asus card to a secondary position.

Whenever I play a game now it sounds like a jet taking off (infinitely more worse than the R9 290 stock cooler if you can imagine such a thing) and hitting the high 80s on stock in no time whilst my Asus card is sitting pretty much idle. It's really annoying and I don't fancy spending a ton of money to just upgrade to a more powerful single card just to solve this issue. So any ideas?