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Again, sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum for this. I've started having some pretty serious problems with my software today, and either nothing is working or I'm making things worse. Today, all of a sudden, certain programs have stopped working, but in a weird way. I can open google chrome, control panel, and all the other programs that I'm having problems with, and they all show up in the task bar, and they're pretty clearly being processed, but their windows won't show when I bring them up. The program is clearly running, and it isn't just freezing when I bring it up, the desktop is all that shows when I do try to bring them up. I would try a fresh install of chrome or something to see if somehow malwarebytes removed part of it and hope that does the trick, but it first of all won't install again (installer just refuses to work at all) and second I can't get into the control panel to uninstall it. I've run malwarebytes, full scan, but if this is some kind of attack it hasn't found it. CCleaner also hasn't found any related problems in the registry or anything like that. I seriously need some help here, if you need any more info I'll provide it.