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Monitor inputs?

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I am looking to get a 27 inch monitor, is there any advantage to using a display port, or hdmi instead of the Dvi?

Any info you be great.
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Just from my basic knowledge if your 27" monitor is going to be 2560x1440 you cannot use HDMI to run at that resolution. HDMI will only go as far as 1920x1200. You need to use Display port or DVI. DP also supports higher resolutions such as 4k. The others just don't have the bandwidth for 4k afaik

DVI: Digital & higher res than hdmi but no audio
HDMI: Digital signal therefore better than VGA etc & also carries audio.
DP: Higher res than both HDMI & DVI & also carries audio.

I'm sure I'm going to be proven wrong but thats my understanding. If you can get a monitor with DP for not much extra I'd go for it.
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Will DP look any better the dvi?
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No they are both a digital signal so they will look the same. I personally prefer DisplayPort over DVI because its a nice easy-to-use connector without screw-in posts.
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DVI is also destined to die out as a display standard due to DP's smaller form factor. Its easier for manufacturers of desktop gpus with multiple outputs but particularly laptops to include DP ports without having to increase the depth of the product. DP will eventually be the standard, until the next standard of course.
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