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The Cooler Master V700 is based on the same KM3 platform the AX760 is

But the V has a better bigger more quiet fan it also has less problems with coil whine and its cheaper

Would be stupid to pay more money and get something thats worse

But unless you are going to overvolt or have two video cards you dont even need 700 watts yet alone 760

That's what I actually meant, I'll be getting the Cooler Master V700 if our local store gets lucky to be able to get at least one of it. However, as Nukelear just said, I might have a hard time getting one since it's not yet available in our country. sad-smiley-002.gif
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Im afraid V series from cooler master is not yet available in Philppines.

It is really better to get seasonic when you are in the Philippines coz their distro warranty is unparalled. Just bring the defective psu to the distro (They are around the Metro) and replacement is there right away. They honor 5 year local warranty for the M12II/S12II/G series units and 7 years for the X/P series.

Unlike with EVGA/Corsair, after 3 years warranty from the distro, you have to ship the item to Taiwan/US to get a replacement.

Thanks for informing me. I'll still try to ask our local store maybe there might be a chance they could find one. If not, I'll have to wait for a few weeks to see if they'll have a re-stock on Seasonic PSUs instead of ordering it online.

The only problem that I'm worried about ordering it online is it would be difficult for me to have the unit repaired if any problem arises or have it RMA as I'm located far from the Metro.