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I am trying to setup a Raid 10 config for the first time and I'm having lots of trouble.

Actually similar issue was described by photoray 3/28/13
Let me start from the begining: I've AMD CPU Desktop FX-Series X8 8320 (3.5GHz,16MB,125W,AM3+)
MB MSI 870A-G54 (FX), x4 HDD Seagate SV35.6 Series™ SATA 1-TB, SAPPHIRE HD 4830 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E HDMI, 650W Power Supply
I read the user manual for RAID and different sources in Internet about how to setup RAID. Unfortunately even after following all described steps I go to dead-end.
1. In BIOS under "integrated peripherals" I go to "On-Chip ATA Devices" and set "RAID Mode" to RAID.
2.In bios post, I press "CTRL + F" and setup my array, save and exit.
3.On restart, again tap "Delete key" to enter Bios setup. Under "Advanced Bios Features" enter "Boot Sequence" and set array as my first boot device and choose DVD drive as a second one.
4. On restart the installation DVD disk with windows 7 x64 bit loads, windows is loading files, After picking an install language, I get to the main install kick-off window: "Install now"
5. When asked for drivers I load AMD chipset drivers (AMD SB8xx RAID Drivers) from USB drive , and after loading and receiving EULA terms, I disconnect the USB drive
6. "Upgrade/Custom type of installation" window appears and I choose "Custom" which get me to "Where do you want to install Windows" and "Disk unallocated Space" where the fun begins.
7. When I select next, Installation begins and when reaching "Installing Updates" than I got error message: "Windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computers hardware"

I reached dead-end again.

Actually I've tested Installation in IDE mode in BIOS and it was sccessful.
Tried also different things but without success and with error codes (0x80....).

Any replay will be appreciated.