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Hey there! I am currently working on a project to run 6 PCs with one monitor using remote desktop, not the actual windows version, but more like VNC, teamviewer or splashtop.
I am doing this so I can multibox 6 games witin 6 PCs with a single monitor. While I have almost achieved my goal, the problem I am having is the following:

No matter which software I use to remote desktop ( UVNC, RVNC, Team Viewer, Splashtop, Chrome RD, etc), I boot the game which in this case is Maplestory, the remote desktop application freezes, or tells me that it can no longer remote due to a fullscreen app or fast user switching. As soon as I close the window, everything goes back to normal. I am not in fullscreen. The drivers are the latest Nvidia drivers.

Now I tried it with my other system and everything works flawlessly. I can play the game over LAN with almost no delay, I'd say it's even better than OnLive or any of those game streaming services. Anyways the system which this works is on Windows 8.1.. Here are some key differences between the systems:

Mobo ASRock NF6P-VSTA with intergrated Nvidia graphics
Ahtlon x2 2.6GHZ
2gb ram
250gb HDD
RESULT: Doesn't work.

Mobo Asus M5A97
Ati HD 6870
16gb ram
3tb HDD
RESULT: Works flawlessly

Im thinking it probably has something to do with the graphics adapter or the old CPU not being compatible or not having some sort of technology, Im not the most tech savvy when it comes to this domain. So that's why Im here. Asking support from one of these companies that makes the remot desktop software could take days to weeks. And unfortunately I really need to finish this project.

Thanks a lot!