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Im going to be doing my second pc build (6 years since the first) and have all my parts pretty much set, except the new monitor. I'm finding myself going backwards and forwards trying to find the best monitor I can buy for under £300.

I use forums a lot, I game a lot on my PC and my PS3 and Xbox 360 are also used on the monitor. Apart from that I do quite a lot of photoshop stuff, not professionally, but I spend quite a bit of time doing casual stuff.

I currently have a Samsung 24" Syncmaster that seems to have a fairly poor reproduction of colours, also when Im gaming I notice in night time scenes I get a lot of banding in the blacks (not sure if that's the right term - bands of differing blacks rather than a gradient) and quite often shadows are reproduces quite poorly as "blotches" if that makes any sense.

* So I would like a monitor suitable for gaming with reasonable speed of input (I play some FPS but am quite eclectic - games like Dark Souls, X3 or GTA) that will also have a decent colour gamut (90% ish?).

* I am fine with 1080p as the resolution, no really!

* 24" is a good size for my desk / how far I am from the monitor.

* Must have DVI-D and HDMI inputs.

* I am VERY susceptible to motion blur. I seem to see it more than most of my friends, to the point I cant play any game with post processing effects on as I hate the blurring, so as little blurring as possible.

* 5ms ish I guess, or lower if its out there.

* No dark banding or blotches where there should be black / gradients!

I either see monitors with large colour gamut OR decent gaming, is there a great jack of all trades out there?