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Weird scanlines suddenly appeared on my monitor. The monitor was on when this issue happened. First the left side of the screen had also weird ghosting of the right side but this issue disappeared after a factory reset from the OSD. Now the image still has these vertical scanlines.

VG248QE is connected to my GTX670 with a dual-link DVI-cable. The scanlines are visible in BIOS and on the monitor OSD - but not when the monitor doesn't have input and when it only displays the information about the source. The scanlines were also visible when I tried using a PS3 with an HDMI-cable.

Lightboost mode doesn't work at all. The image is grey and has one-pixel wide scanlines.

Does anyone know how to fix this or is RMAing it the only choice? I am kinda worried of that because I went to the service menu and tried to clearuser. Obviously this doesn't cause any damage but dunno if it changed any other values than the on-times and if it voided the warranty.


EDIT: The issue disappears if I drop TraceFree all the way down to 0. The higher the value, the more pronounced the scanlines will be.
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