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Hi all,

I have a few Cooler Master UV Silent fans that I'm looking to mod. I'll be adding UV LEDs and I'm looking to wire them to the fan's PCB.

I've been successful in removing the blades, but the PCB has me stumped. I've tried twisting, pulling and pushing but have had to stop for fear of breaking the fans.

Is there a trick to removing the PCB or am I SOL?

For some background info, the fans have the holes for the LEDs in the arms of the fan hubs, and even have the trenches in the frame to hold the wires. I think CM used the mold from another model that has LEDs.

The back of the fans. There are holes in the housing where the LED wires in a different model would feed through to the PCB.

The front of the PCB has labels, but no wires are fed through the holes.

Using a digital multimeter, I found there to be no power supplied to the terminals at the back of the PCB

The only live terminals are those that provide 12V power to the fans. I would like to tap the 12V line and split it to each of the 4 LEDs (with resistors of course).

I'm uncomfortable soldering with the PCB still attached to the housing, hence my dilemma.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!